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Classes during spring of 2021
Orientation and style:
Classical guitar - all levels
Chords and accompaniment,
Melody and scale types,
Jazz and improvisation
Duo and ensemble playing.

Music theory, Chord names and symbols  and music listening
are other areas I teach. These subjects can be included as a
part of guitar teaching or special classes.

Study plan:

The study plan can be individually adapted or follow the grading system I am developing.
The degrees begin with a preschool, followed by 7 certification levels.
At each level you do, in addition to a performance test, also test in
1. Scales and arpeggios
2. Sight-reading
3. Aural
The highest degree is at university level, equivalent to approximately a Master's degree.

beginners/continuation mon-fri 16.00-20.00

all levels, times by appointment.

individual lessons:

occasional 30 minutes lessons: 280 SEK (about 28 USD or 25 €)
occasional 60 minutes lessons: 480 SEK (about 48 USD or 43 €)

10 * 30 minutes lessons: 2600 SEK (about 261 USD or 233 €)
10 * 60 minutes lessons: 4600 SEK (about 462 USD or 412 €)

Course starts week 2 (from 11/1)

Studies can also be conducted semester / annually or as individual lessons.

Solistvägen 53
756 54 Uppsala
tel: 0702 448 611

group lessons:

10 * 120 minutes: 2000 SEK (about 200 USD or 179 €)

Course starts week 9 (1/3-2021)

Not yet decided
About Siddhi
I had my education for guitar pedagogue at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, where I graduated in 1979. It was a comprehensive education of 4 years both as an instrumentalist and teacher. Also music theory and ensemble was a part of the education as well as playing by ear. I think that music is an art of the ear and consequently to be learning music as well as playing technique has to take its starting point at the hearing.
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